Event_cycle_lang is a group of conferences

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Object structure

Name Description Type Default
id_event_cycle_lang The id_event_cycle_lang's ID int(12)
date_creation datetime 0000-00-00 00:00:00
event_cycle_lang_nom varchar(250)
color varchar(8)
color_2 varchar(7)
id_event The event ID int(12) 0
id_contact_president id_contact of the president's 1 Forum int(12) 0
id_contact_president2 id_contact of the president's 2 Forum int(12)
visuel varchar(100)
background varchar(200)
event_cycle_lang_descriptif text
logo varchar(255)
edito_president Editos of the president's 1 Forum text
edito_president2 Editos of the president's 2 Forum text
publier enum('y','n')
facebookscript text